Electronics Weekly

19th January 2015

We are delighted to have been recently featured on Electronics Weekly, Richard Wilson explaining how our 3d Printer "Vector 3" will be launched in schools:

Sebastian Conran has teamed up with publisher, Eaglemoss to bring 3D printing and design into the school classroom. The Vector 3 printer comes with a step-by-step 3D design tutorial course for school learning.

Sebastian Conran, founding director of Sebastian Conran Associates, said: “As 3D printing technology and applications become more mainstream, 3D printers are moving from the hi-tech workshop into schools, the home and the office.”

Using the Vector 3 in conjunction with the software course will allow students to create a range of objects, including models for science subjects such as cells and molecules.

Maggie Calmels, senior v-p at Eaglemoss, believes that 3D printing allows for a new and “creative approach to teach STEM and design subjects and it is great to be amongst those that are paving the way in making 3D printing available to a wider audience.”

To assist schools with purchasing the product, Eaglemoss has developed a multi printer pack of up to six printers specifically for schools’ supply, plus a schools retail pack of one printer which comes with associated design projects and easy to follow 3D design course for in classroom teaching. A dedicated website area has also been set up for schools.

Eaglemoss has also launched the 3D printer as a partwork collection which can be built in weekly instalments.