Progressive Housewares

01st June 2013

We are glad to have been featured in Progressive Housewares's recent issue, our Universal Expert bread bin being picked as an example for "inventiveness and thoughtful creativity":

Efficient use of space is reflected in Sebastian Conran's recently launched Universal Expert kitchenware, much of which is put to use in his own kitchen.

For example, "The ventilated bread bin has a fold down door which is a cutting board, and fits a toaster on its top," explains Sebastian. His hand mixer neatly stows attachments in a storage based, while the Universal measuring cups are designed to double up as dip boowls. The Universal Expert stand (as seen at Ambiente and Chicago's IH+HS) - a domestic kitchen design that scooped a gia (Global Innovation Award) honouree for visual merchandising - also showed wineglasses hanging from the Universal Wine Glass Shelf as well as hanging utensils and linen to maximise use of space.

Sebastian admits to the enjoyment of finding simple solutions -and, like other housewares designers, space saving is one area for inventiveness and thoughtful creativity.