04th December 2015

Very excited to have two of our projects featured in the Guardian's article about homes of the future.

Great article including our work with Moley on their Robotic Chef:

"One thing that’s certainly on the menu is a spare pair of hands to wield the pans – be that a fully robotic chef like Moley (1) that can, by motion tracking, replicate your Jamie Oliver impression to a T or the fetching-and-carrying Care-O-Bot4 by Fraunhofer. Not only can the latter turn up with a colander but it can also do the laundry and, apparently, garnish your breakfast tray with a red, red rose. If you are so inclined."

And mention of Miro which we developed with Eaglemoss and The University Sheffield:

"Perhaps a more endearing companion is the robo-pet. The ultimate conclusion to a trend kicked off by the Tamagotchi of the 90s, these zippy creatures – such as the long-awaited Miro (2) – will not only zoom around like their flesh-and-blood counterparts, but also incorporate machine learning so that they adapt to understand your commands with nary a doggy treat in sight."