The Sunday Times Home

31st August 2014

We are thrilled to have been recently featured in Home, Katrina Burroughs describing our Universal Expert kitchen range as "a delight":

“Sebastian Conran, launching new additions to his Universal Expert range of kitchenware this autumn, has recycled a British furniture brand name from the 1950’s to describe the aesthetic of his range: Beautility.

Conran explains his take on the term: ”Beautility believes that objects can be both functional and attractive - that one does not have to be sacrificed for another. At Universal Expert, we prefer to select traditional, honest materials when we can, so designs become useful friends that gain character with age. We want our products to be treasure and found in flee markets, not landfill.”

He homed in on our distaste for through away culture, and our desire for designs with longevity. And his collections of boards, utensils and platters available from West Elm, is a delight: studied unflashy and somehow full of comfort.”