Wall Street Journal

15th May 2015

We are thrilled to have been recently featured in Wall Street Journal's article on home essentials, where Katrina Burroughs talks about attention to detail and the importance of material:

British designer Sebastian Conran puts that same philosophy [attention to detail and choice of material elevate the visual appearance of objects] into practice with his Universal Expert range of homeware. Its clean lines have a hint of postwar utility, a dash of Scandinavian minimalism and a drop of Japanese shibushi.

“However modest a product’s function is, it should be satisfying and enjoyable to use and live with,” he says. “Whenever we design something, we are creating a personality, based not only on how it is made, its behavior and performance but also how it will be perceived on an emotional level by its user.” Mr. Conran cites as inspiration the Japanese idea of tsukumogami, which imbues even functional objects with soul.