Anywayup Cup

Leak-proof baby cup

  • Horner's Award Horner's Award
  • Millenium Product Millenium Product

With 25m units sold, the innovative non-drip 'Anywayup' toddler's cup has produced sales of almost £100 million, and the design has successfully led the market for over ten years.

Inventor / client Mandy Haberman commissioned the redesign of the todler's cup which incorporated Haberman's patented Anywayup 'non-drip valve'. The previous design had various issues which limited its commercial success.

The redesign focussed on improving function, fabrication and aesthetics and resulted in a 25% decrease in manufacturing costs, together with a 4000% sales increase.

Manufactured in Wales, the iconic Anywayup cup has scooped many awards including: BPF Horner Innovation Award; two DBA Design Effectiveness Awards; and DTI Millennium Product.