Universal Expert

Brand & Marketing

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The marketing and identity development of our in house brand Universal Expert is largely created by the team at SCA. This includes all product & lifestyle photography, packaging design and marketing assets.

We work with some of the best digital marketing agencies, creating engaging content in support of social campaigns. Also creating the varied range of graphic communication to support the brand in-store.

Recently we evolved this visual language into the stand design for the Home tradeshow in London.

Social Campaigns

We believe just because something looks good, it doesn't mean it can't work well.

We created the design movement Beautility to share this belief with the world.

Beautility perfectly sums up our design ethos: playful pragmatism, with form and function working alongside each other to create meaningful pieces that make your life easier, and better.

View the campaign here

It's the Thought That Counts! Christmas 2014 we launched our holiday campaign, giving the public an opportunity to gift friends and family with their favourite Universal Expert designs over six weeks.

Using the #thoughtthatcounts hashtag, users nominated friends and family to receive Universal Expert products by commenting on the Facebook page, with the best caption winning every week.

We supported the campaign, ran by Decorum through initial scoping and generating the imagery and sharable graphics.

Visual merchandising, graphic communication and retail environments