Designed to bring independence to the older and less-able, as well as increasing peace of mind for those who care for them.

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Project Title

Wearable Companion

Enabling Independence

Designed to enable independent living for those that would otherwise be too vulnerable, the buddi system alerts a carer or buddi’s in-house monitoring team if the wearer has got lost or had a fall. Working with the buddi team we were also able to secure funding and support from the Design Council as part of their ‘Living well with Dementia’ initiative and the project was awarded a British Healthcare Award in 2014 by the British Healthcare Trades Association.

Less inhibiting, discreet design

SCA’s brief was to look at how the hardware could better deliver the promises of the system practically, whilst visually becoming less inhibiting and more discreet. SCA worked to soften the visual and interactive design of the system for their second generation of products. We developed the clip, wristband and dock that fully incorporate the GPS, cellular and fall-detecting technology needed, and helped evolve the user interaction experience of all elements of the buddi system; the versatile clip can be worn or carried in all manner of ways and can be clipped easily to its dock whilst the wristband is universally wearable and long-lasting.