An ongoing partnership with a leading leather producer to develop a range of quality handmade goods.

Client Partner

Connolly Leather

Project Title

Pitt Stop Collection

Contemporary Heritage

British Heritage brand Connolly, specialists in luxury leather automotive interiors, for brands including Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, and Aston Martin, relaunched their fashion and homeware collections at their new flagship store No. 4 Clifford Street in 2016. In celebration of this, and to mark the 20th anniversary of the original Conran collection we worked with Connolly to produce a contemporary range of leather goods to extend and enhance the original collection.

Working closely with leather craft workshops

Playing on both Connolly’s and Sebastian’s interest in all things automotive, SCA designed a range that includes both luxury motoring accessories and a range of picnic hampers, showcasing the incredible quality and craftsmanship that go into Connolly’s leathergoods.

The Original Collection

Although first choice for luxury leather automotive interiors Connolly found its brand had little awareness among the public outside the automotive industry. Sebastian was commissioned to design a range of luxury motoring accessories that would showcase the quality of Connolly’s leather and workmanship.

The resulting ‘Pit-Stop’ collection included a tool-case, vanity-case, a jump-leads case, a travel espresso coffee machine, CD case, and pet carrier. The iconic tool case, with its zip fobs that echo accelerator pedals, became a much acclaimed brand flagship and was exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum as an example of the finest in British design, craftsmanship and materials.