3D printers are moving from the hi-tech workshop to the hobbyists desktop. Recognising this trend, Eaglemoss Publishing asked SCA to help develop a printer that could be built at home.

Client Partner


Project Title

3D Printer

Design Development

The intention was to create a printer better suited to the domestic end-user and to create a product that would utilise Eaglemoss’s unique ‘partworks’ retail model.

The result is a product more suitable for the home, both in terms of functionality and its visual language. The sliding hood creates an environment with controlled temperature for improved printing, whilst offering added safety and a tidier aesthetic.

Design Detailing

Holistically the product is more akin to a sewing machine than a piece of industrial machinery. Working with Eaglemoss’ in-house development team and manufacturing partners the design was taken from concept to production in less than 12 months.