SCA partnered with the world leading development team at Sheffield University in producing the world's first bespoke fit, 3D printed cycle helmet.

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Project Title

High Speed Sintered Cycle Helmet

Revolutionary Hexagonal Structure

An innovative hexagonal cell structure provides a stiff, structure which is designed to crumple and deform even at low speeds where conventional cycle helmets lack protection. The cells provide unprecedented airflow to the head whilst ensuring that the helmet is safe, light and comfortable to wear.

Highlighting the Benefits

As part of a consortium of 6 companies, with portfolios covering Defence and Transnational Consumer Goods, SCA worked on the TSB funded program with Loughborough and Sheffield Universities to help develop and rationalise the market for their groundbreaking High-Speed Sintering Technology. As Additive Manufacturing becomes more visible to the public, steps are being taken to bring the technology into the production chain and establish its place in the creation of products in the future, rather than remaining a tool for prototyping.