Designed for entertaining at the modern table, these highly tactile ceramics with playful paper-like patterns encapsulate the essence of pure Japanese porcelain.

Client Partner

Kaneko Kohyo

Project Title

Wave Collection

Our inspiration

During our initial discussions we started folding paper in ways that reminded us of origami. The folds we created brought to mind the ripples on the rivers we had passed on our travels through Gifu, and the Wave Collection quickly evolved from there. We decided that keeping the product unglazed and polished created a unique tactile and visual quality, though it requires much more hand finishing than if it had been glazed.

About Kaneko Kohyo

Since its formation Kaneko Kohyo Pottery has been dedicated to “Monozukuri’ (meaning production) of items that add a little happiness to daily life, whilst remaining loyal to the history and tradition of Mino Ware (Japanese pottery produced in Mino Province around the towns of Toki and Mizunami in Gifu Prefecture).