Working closely [albeit on the other side of the world] with the Nissan design team there was a true team spirit of harmony, collaboration and joy, a partnership that has led to several further projects since.

Client Partner


Project Title

Cube Conran Edition

Tokyo Motor Show

The brief, which was delivered in February, was to create a truly premium urban concept car for the Tokyo Motor Show in October. We set out by basing it on Nissan’s Cube, which was pretty small on the outside [Micra platform] but vast inside.

The concept car was very well, received and although it would require substantial tooling, there were a series of limited edition premium versions of the standard Cube made over a three-year period.

Increased Sense of Space

The result was a slightly extended model that would allow fully streched legs for back seat passengers; a translucent roof which further increased the sense of space; simplified detailing using natural feeling polymers, leathers and metals; all combined with a discreet shadow brown exterior contrasting with the stylish guardsman scarlet interior.