Working with the traditional paper lantern producer Ozeki, we developed a range of structured lanterns with depth and character to reflect the heritage of the Gifu region.

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Project Title

Aerofoil Collection

A new take on the traditional lantern structure

The design of our light sculptures was inspired by the lightweight construction of early hot-air balloons and aeroplanes. They are fabricated by hand from mulberry-wood Washi paper using traditional and laborious techniques that are native to the mountainous Gifu region, with its clear streams of pure water needed for the paper making process. The aircraft like framework is constructed from a local softwood similar to Cedar called Nagara Sugi.

About the maker

Since its formation in 1891 as a lantern maker, Ozeki has won over a hundred awards for it’s sculptural lights, including the AKARI range by Isamu Noguchi. Ozeki was granted the Blue Ribbon Medal (Ranju hosho) in 1958 and the Fifth Class Order of the Sacred Treasure in 1971.