These Damascus steel knives from the famous Seki region of Gifu are a fine example of Japanese blade craftsmanship.

Client Partner

Shizu Hamono

Project Title

Kitchen Knives

Our inspiration

The knives feature faceted walnut handles inspired by the folded paper forms of origami, ergonomically optimised for the push cut as well as the pull slice; they are also designed to be used in either the left or right hand. This combined with the pattern created by folding 30 layers of Damascus steel, results in a beautiful knife that will serve chefs for decades.

Displaying the knives

This pair of Japanese cedar knife blocks for Shizu Hamano was designed to showcase the beauty of the knife blades. The repeated faceted form integrates hidden magnets which results in a unique design which can be easily cleaned.

About Shizu Hamono

Shizu Hamono create unique blades of exceptional quality in accordance with the highest Japanese standards. Their knives, from the famous Seki region of Gifu, are prized by top chefs around the world. The Damascus blades are constructed from steel which is folded 30 times during forging, making it extremely high in both strength and corrosion resistance.