A bold yet elegant range of steel furniture for the home

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Kanji Collection

Pushing steel section to it's limits

The ‘Kanji collection is a celebration of the beautiful graphic nature of formed iron rod. Each piece was designed to serve a useful function in the home, while bringing the elegance and purity of Japanese aesthetics to any interior setting. The experienced craftsmen at Sugiyama Seisakusho begin with simple rods and plates of iron, they slowly coax it by hand into the unique pieces of the collection. Their attention to detail brings the material to life in these useful and elegant objects.

Metal Work from Seki, Japan.

Located in Seki, a city famous for its long history of craftsmanship and metalwork, Sugiyama Seisakusho has been in metal fabrication since 1962. Originally producing parts for automobiles and railroad vehicles, today they use their skills to design and manufacture iron furniture.


The year that Sugiyama was founded

Hand crafted with accuracy

The entirety of the production process, from design to planning and fabrication, is carried out in-house by craftsmen who carefully make each item by hand. Sugiyama believes that their process allows the purity of the material to take centre stage.

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